PeopleSoft PeopleCode Ed 1

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

PeopleSoft PeopleCode Ed 1 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft PeopleCode Ed 1 certification validates expertise in PeopleCode, the proprietary language of the PeopleSoft platform. It confirms the ability to develop, modify, and troubleshoot PeopleSoft applications, essential for tasks like data manipulation, business logic scripting, and external system integration. This certification underscores proficiency in key PeopleCode concepts, including page activation, component interfaces, events, functions, and error handling. Industries rely on this certification to ensure their workforce is equipped to effectively manage and optimize PeopleSoft applications.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals seeking to enhance their PeopleSoft skills
  • Software developers aiming to understand and use PeopleCode
  • Existing PeopleSoft users wishing to maximize their usage
  • System analysts focusing on PeopleSoft applications
  • Individuals looking for a career in PeopleSoft software development
  • Training and development personnel in IT companies

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft PeopleCode Ed 1:

The learning objectives of the PeopleSoft PeopleCode Ed 1 course are designed to provide participants with essential technical skills, knowledge, and competencies in utilizing PeopleCode, a proprietary, object-oriented programming language. By course completion, learners will be capable of crafting, editing, and troubleshooting PeopleCode programs. They will possess the ability to verify field values, manipulate data within component buffers, execute SQL commands, and implement business logic. Moreover, they will comprehend event-driven programming, object-oriented programming principles, file attachments, and grasp the component life cycle. The course’s focus extends to fostering proficiency in database interaction and adeptness in efficient error handling.

 Module 1: Setting Up PeopleSoft HRMS Tables for Payroll Processing

  • HRMS Tables That Impact Payroll Processing
  • Installation Table Setup for PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll for North America
  • The Role of SetID, Location, and Department in Payroll Processing
  • Company Table Setup
  • Frequency and Compensation Setup

 Module 2: Setting Up Payroll Tables

  • Identifying Payroll Setup Tables
  • Setting Up Source Bank Accounts
  • Creating Special Accumulators
  • Setting Up Earnings Codes
  • Setting Up Earnings Programs
  • Shift Pay Setup
  • Creating a Pay Group
  • Creating a Rate Code

 Module 3: Setting Up U.S. Payroll Tax Tables

  • Identifying Tax Table Maintenance Responsibility
  • PeopleSoft-Maintained Tax Tables
  • Setting Up Customer-Maintained Tax Tables

 Module 4: Setting Up Employee Data

  • Identifying Sources of Employee Data
  • Setting Up an Employee Instance
  • Entering and Viewing Employee Job Data
  • Identifying Employee Pay Data
  • Updating Employee Tax Data
  • Assigning Additional Pay to Employees
  • Assigning General Deductions to Employees
  • Updating Payroll Options for Employees

 Module 5: Creating and Updating Paysheets

  • Paysheets in Payroll for North America
  • Balance ID Creation
  • Creating Pay Calendars
  • Setting Up Pay Run IDs
  • Creating Paysheets
  • Viewing and Updating Paysheets and Paylines
  • The Payroll Unsheet Process

 Module 6: Calculating Payroll

  • Payroll Calculation
  • Running Preliminary Payroll Calculation
  • Running Final Payroll Calculation

 Module 7: Confirming Payroll and Producing Checks and Reports

  • Confirming a Payroll
  • Viewing Confirmed Payroll Results Online
  • Printing Checks and Advices
  • Check Reprinting
  • Direct Deposit Transmittals and Reports
  • Payroll and Tax Reports
  • Identifying Methods of Reversing Payroll Confirmation

 Module 8: Processing Off-Cycle Payrolls

  • Identifying Off-Cycle Payroll Processing
  • Reversing a Paycheck
  • Reversal/Adjustment Processing
  • Recording a Manual Check
  • Producing an Online Check
  • Retroactive Processing

 Module 9: Setting Up and Processing Additional Payroll Functionality

  • Setting Up a Holiday Schedule
  • Setting Up Advanced Earnings Options
  • Setting Up Multiple Jobs Processing
  • Setting Up and Processing Mid-period Job Changes
  • Processing Gross Ups

 Module 10: Setting Up and Processing Benefit Deductions in Payroll

  • Setting Up Deductions and Earnings for Benefits Calculations
  • Analyzing Benefits-Related Payroll Reports

 Module 11: Setting Up and Processing Garnishments

  • Identifying Garnishment Setup Steps
  • PeopleSoft-Maintained Garnishment Tables
  • Setting Up Company-Level Tables for Garnishment Processing
  • Assigning an Employee Garnishment Deduction
  • Setting Up Employee Garnishment Specification Data
  • Setting Up Employee Garnishment Specification Data

 Module 12: PeopleSoft Enterprise ePay

  • Identifying ePay Transactions and Setup Requirements
  • ePay Security Setup
  • ePay Workflow Setup
  • Setup for the Voluntary Deduction Transaction
  • Setup for the View Paycheck Transaction
  • Setup for Paycheck Modeler
  • Setup for the Year End Form Transaction
  • Using ePay Self-Service Transactions

PeopleSoft PeopleCode Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

  • Understanding of PeopleSoft Development and Architecture
  • Knowledge in SQL and relational database management
  • Familiarity with PeopleSoft Application Designer
  • Experience in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Basic skills in object-oriented programming
  • Prior experience in application development and troubleshooting.

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