PeopleSoft Query Reporting Tools Ed 1

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

PeopleSoft Query Reporting Tools Ed 1 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft Query Reporting Tools Edition 1 certification equips individuals with the expertise to adeptly harness Oracle’s PeopleSoft application for query generation, data extraction, and analysis. This credential encompasses proficiency in report design, adept usage of PeopleSoft algorithms, data interpretation, and comprehension of database structures. Industries leverage this tool for streamlined data administration and comprehensive analysis, thereby nurturing informed strategic decision-making. Proficient utilization of this certification empowers industry experts to construct queries, craft reports featuring drill-down capabilities, manipulate and format data, and elevate the efficiency of data retrieval. This certification holds immense value as a testament to mastery within the PeopleSoft platform.

Intended Audience:

  • Database administrators.
  • IT professionals dealing with data management.
  • Business analysts looking to improve reporting strategies.
  • Professionals dealing with PeopleSoft applications.
  • Data analysts requiring efficient query tools.
  • System analysts working with PeopleSoft.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Query Reporting Tools Ed 1:

The primary learning objectives of the PeopleSoft Query Reporting Tools Ed 1 course are to empower participants with a comprehensive grasp of the potent capabilities of PeopleSoft Query and enable their efficient utilization. The curriculum aims to equip learners with the adeptness to proficiently extract data from databases, simplifying routine operations. Participants will be instructed on transforming data into desired formats, generating comprehensive reports, and skillfully crafting queries encompassing advanced functions. The course will also encompass the nuances of security configurations and effective navigation processes. Ultimately, by course culmination, participants should possess the proficiency to autonomously construct customized queries, thereby optimizing the utility of their PeopleSoft application through the creation of tailored reports.

 Module 1: Filtering Output with Runtime Prompts

  • Creating Runtime Prompts
  • Creating Multiple Runtime Prompts

 Module 2: Using Summary Calculations

  • Aggregate Functions and Having Criteria
  • Using Predefined Aggregate Functions

 Module 3: Performing PeopleSoft Query Administrative Tasks

  • Running a Query from Query Viewer
  • Scheduling a Query
  • Monitoring Query Performance and Use

 Module 4: Working with Unions

  • Using Literals as Placeholder Fields
  • Creating Unions
  • Viewing Union SQL

 Module 5: Using Composite Query

  • Editing, Copying and Deleting Composite Queries
  • Adding Additional Base Queries to Composite Queries
  • Adding Runtime Prompts to Composite Queries
  • Adding Drilling URLs to Composite Queries

 Module 6: Using Connected Query

  • Using Connected Query Quick Start
  • Using Connected Query Manager

PeopleSoft Query Reporting Tools Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of SQL and relational database concepts.
  • Familiarity with PeopleSoft architecture.
  • Understanding of PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture components.
  • Experience in PeopleSoft application data structure.
  • Skills in navigating through PeopleSoft applications.

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