PostgreSQL Database Developer

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

PostgreSQL Database Developer Course Overview:

The PostgreSQL Database Developer certification validates expertise in developing, managing, and implementing applications within PostgreSQL, an open-source SQL database system. This certification assesses proficiency in database utilities, supporting functions, role-based controls, and more. Certified professionals demonstrate their ability to maintain data integrity, execute complex queries, manage concurrent database connections, and optimize database performance.

Industries value certified PostgreSQL database developers for their capacity to ensure reliable and efficient data management, bolstering operational capabilities. As such, this certification is highly sought after by aspiring database developers looking to advance their careers in the field of database administration.

Intended Audience:

• Experienced IT professionals seeking to enhance their database skills
• Software developers and programmers interested in database development
• Server administrators aiming to manage databases effectively
• Data analysts wanting to work with complex databases
• IT grad students seeking to strengthen their knowledge in PostgreSQL
• Tech enthusiasts wanting to learn database development for personal projects.

Learning Objectives of PostgreSQL Database Developer:

The PostgreSQL Database Developer Course aims to equip students with a thorough grasp of PostgreSQL and its fundamental features. Participants will develop the ability to design and deploy databases using PostgreSQL, grasp essential relational database principles, and apply SQL for data querying and manipulation. Advanced skills such as query optimization and performance enhancement will also be covered. Additionally, students will gain expertise in creating and utilizing views, functions, stored procedures, and triggers. By course completion, students will be proficient in administering a PostgreSQL server environment and possess the capabilities to construct resilient database applications.

 Module 1: Introduction to PostgreSQL Server

 Module 2: The Procedural Language and Dynamic SQL

 Module 3: Designing and Implementing Databases and Tables

 Module 4: Ensuring Data Integrity Through Constraints and Rules

 Module 5: Working with Indexes and Full Text Search

 Module 6: Partitioning

 Module 7: Working with Triggers, Rules and Views

 Module 8: Working with Transactions & Error Handling

 Module 9: Query Optimization

 Module 10: Foreign Data Wrappers

 Module 11: Dealing with Large Objects

 Module 12: Communicating with PostgreSQL Using LibPQ

 Module 13: Extensions

PostgreSQL Database Developer Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding and proficiency in SQL
• Knowledge of relational database management concepts
• Familiarity with navigating Linux or Unix systems
• Experience with the basic functions of PostgreSQL
• Understanding of core programming concepts and principles
• Comfort with data modeling techniques and best practices.

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