Primavera Unifier: Reports and Dashboards

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Primavera Unifier: Reports and Dashboards Course Overview:

The Primavera Unifier: Reports and Dashboards Certification is a comprehensive attestation of a candidate’s adeptness in utilizing Oracle’s project management software solution, Primavera Unifier. This certification showcases the individual’s skill in tailoring reports, crafting interactive dashboards, and analyzing data within Primavera Unifier. Industries employ this certification to ensure their workforce can provide real-time insights into project performance, thereby enhancing decision-making capabilities. Encompassing the capacity to deliver detailed project financial forecasts, streamline processes, and facilitate collaboration, this certification is highly sought-after in sectors such as construction, engineering, and energy, where intricate project control mechanisms are paramount.

Intended Audience:

  • Project managers seeking comprehensive project control capabilities.
  • Business analysts needing customized reports and dashboards.
  • IT professionals managing enterprise data and systems integration.
  • Construction professionals aiming for better cost management.
  • Company decision-makers needing real-time data for strategic planning.

Learning Objectives of Primavera Unifier: Reports and Dashboards:

The primary learning objectives of the Primavera Unifier: Reports and Dashboards course are strategically designed to empower students with the capabilities to proficiently generate and tailor reports and dashboards within the Unifier software. By the course’s conclusion, participants will have achieved the following core proficiencies:

  1. Report and Dashboard Generation: Participants will develop a thorough understanding of the options and settings available for creating sophisticated reports and dashboards, enabling them to extract meaningful insights from data.
  2. Filtering and Data Fields: Through hands-on training, participants will learn to apply filters and incorporate relevant data fields, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the generated reports and dashboards.
  3. Visual Data Representation: The course will teach participants how to select appropriate visual formats, such as graphs or tables, for representing data effectively within reports and dashboards.
  4. Efficient Management and Sharing: Participants will acquire the skills to efficiently manage, share, and update reports and dashboards, contributing to streamlined collaboration and access to critical information.
  5. Enhanced Project Tracking: Through practical exercises, participants will learn to utilize reports and dashboards to enhance project tracking, enabling better monitoring of project progress and performance.
  6. Informed Decision-Making: Participants will understand how to leverage reports and dashboards to facilitate informed decision-making processes, relying on data-driven insights.

The successful completion of the course will position participants as adept users of Primavera Unifier’s reporting and dashboard functionalities. They will be equipped to generate customized, visually engaging reports and dashboards, share them efficiently, and utilize these tools to enhance project tracking, management, and decision-making across various organizational contexts.

 Module 1: Navigation

  • Navigatio
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 1-1 Signing In to Unifier
  • Activity 1-2 Tab and Mode Navigation

 Module 2: User-Defined Report Templates

  • User-Defined Report Templates
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 2-1 Creating a Report Template

 Module 3: Tabular Reports

  • Tabular Reports
  • Data Elements Tab
  • Query Tab
  • Report Layout
  • Shells Tab
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 3-1 Defining the General Tab of a Tabular Report Template
  • Activity 3-2 Adding Data Elements
  • Activity 3-3 Defining a Query
  • Activity 3-4 Configuring the Layout
  • Activity 3-5 Completing Shells and Schedule Tabs

 Module 4: Cross Tab Reports

  • Cross Tab Reports
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 4-1 Creating a Cross Tab Report Template

 Module 5: Alert Reports

  • Alert Reports
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 5-1 Creating an Alert Report Template

 Module 6: Copying and Editing Reports

  • Copying and Editing Reports
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 6-1 Copying the Alert Report Template

 Module 7: Embed Report Templates in Shell Template

  • Embed Report Templates in Shell Template
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 7-1 Embedding Report Templates

 Module 8: Updating Shells

  • Updating Shells
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 8-1 Updating UDRs in Shells

 Module 9: Scheduling User Defined Reports

  • Scheduling User Defined Reports
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 9-1 Defining Report Schedules in Shells

 Module 10: Company Level Reports

  • Company Level Reports
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 10- 1 Adding UDRs to the Company

 Module 11: Running Reports

  • Running Reports
  • Run UDRs at Company or Shell Level
  • Viewing Saved Results
  • Activity 11- 1 Running UDRs in Templates
  • Activity 11- 2 Running Company-Level Reports
  • Activity 11- 3 Viewing Saved Results

 Module 12: Configuring Alerts

  • Configuring Alerts
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 12-1 Configuring Alerts

 Module 12: Configuring Alert

  • Configuring Alerts
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 12-1 Configuring Alerts

 Module 13: Shell Dashboards

  • Shell Dashboards
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 13-1 Configuring the Shell Dashboard

 Module 14: Creating Data Cubes

  • Creating Data Cubes
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 14-1 Creating a Data Cube
  • Activity 14-2 Modifying a Data Cube
  • Activity 14-3 Assigning Permissions for Data Cubes

 Module 15: Create Dashboards from Data Cubes

  • Create Dashboards from Data Cubes
  • Adding a Drilldown Block
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 15-1 Adding a Custom Block
  • Activity 15-2 Adding a Drilldown Block

 Module 16: Updating Shell Dashboards

  • Updating Shell Dashboards
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 16- 1 Updating Shell Dashboards

 Module 17: Data Views

  • Data Views
  • Examining Data Views
  • Data Views and UDRs
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 17 -1 Examining Data Views
  • Activity 17 -2 Creating a Data Cube from Data View
  • Activity 17 -3 Creating UDR from Data View

 Module 18: Custom Reports

  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Reports Permissions
  • Running Custom Reports
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 18-1 Configuring Custom Reports
  • Activity 18-2 Assigning Permissions to Custom Reports
  • Activity 18-3 Running Custom Reports

 Module 19: System Reports

  • System Reports
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 19-1 Running System Usage Reports

 Module 20: Audit Report

  • Audit Report
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 20-1 Running System Audit Report

 Module 21: Custom Dashboards via Primavera Analytics

  • Custom Dashboards via Primavera Analytics
  • Launching Analytics from Shell Dashboard
  • Review Questions
  • Activity 21-1 Data Mapping in Analytics Node
  • Activity 21-2 Configuring Shell Dashboard Analytics Block

Primavera Unifier: Reports and Dashboards Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of project management concepts.
  • Familiarity with Primavera Unifier software.
  • Proficiency in creating and customizing Primavera reports and dashboards.
  • Previous experience with Primavera Unifier project controls solutions.
  • Hands-on work experience in project management roles, preferably within the construction or engineering industry.

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