R12.2.9 Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

R12.2.9 Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation Course Overview:

The R12.2.9 Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation certification attests to an individual’s aptitude in overseeing the operational aspects of Oracle’s Manufacturing suite. Encompassing modules like Oracle Inventory, Bill of Materials, Engineering, and Work in Process, this credential is vital in the industrial sector, where certified experts handle the implementation and administration of Oracle-based manufacturing processes. This results in streamlined operations, reduced lead times, enhanced product quality, and heightened efficiency. The certification serves as proof of the candidate’s grasp of application infrastructure, configuration, and functionality, signifying their capability to manage production workflows, process designs, product data management, and other facets within the Oracle manufacturing ecosystem.

Intended Audience:

• ERP Consultants
• IT professionals specializing in Oracle Manufacturing applications
• Oracle E-Business Suite users or support staff
• Business Analysts focused on Manufacturing sectors
• Professionals aiming to gain expertise in Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation
• Oracle application users transitioning to R12.2.9 version.

Learning Objectives of R12.2.9 Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation:

The core learning objectives of the R12.2.9 Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation course are designed to foster an insightful comprehension of Oracle Manufacturing, encompassing its capacities, roles, and functionalities. The course endeavors to furnish students with an extensive understanding of application operations, configuration nuances, and points of integration. By the end of the course, participants will be adept at configuring and effectively employing Oracle Manufacturing to optimize supply chains, reduce costs, and streamline production processes. Practical hands-on experience will be gained in utilizing the application for tasks such as production scheduling, tracking, and shop floor management. Furthermore, the course aspires to empower students with the essential proficiencies to troubleshoot and resolve common challenges encountered within Oracle Manufacturing scenarios.

 Module 1: Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation

  • Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation
  • Overview
  • Activity 1-1: Log into the Oracle Instance

 Module 2: Overview

  • Overview
  • Activity 1-1: Log into the Oracle Instance

 Module 3: Applications Basics

  • Applications Basics
  • Activity 2-1: Log into SQL Developer

 Module 4: ERDs and Applications Technology

  • ERDs and Applications Technology
  • Activity 3-1: SQL Developer Inquires

 Module 5: Open Interfaces and APIs

  • Open Interfaces and APIs

 Module 6: Oracle Inventory

  • Oracle Inventory
  • Defining Organizations
  • Activity 5-1: Define Subinventory and Locator
  • Activity 5-2: Define Items
  • Activity 5-3: Miscellaneous Transactions

 Module 7: Oracle Bills of Material and Engineering

  • Oracle Bills of Material and Engineering
  • Bill of Material Resources and Departments
  • Activity 6-1: Create Bills of Material
  • Activity 6-2: Cost Types
  • Activity 6-3: Create Resource
  • Activity 6-4: Create a Department
  • Activity 6-5: Create Routings
  • Activity 6-6: Create Engineering Change Order

 Module 8: Oracle Cost Management

  • Oracle Cost Management
  • Defining Item Costs
  • Activity 7-1: Create Material Overhead
  • Activity 7-2: Item Cost, Cost Type Association
  • Activity 7-3: Assembly Cost Rollup
  • Activity 7-4: Update Item Costs
  • Activity 7-5: Launch Cost Manager

 Module 9: Oracle Quality

  • Oracle Quality
  • Collection Plan Window
  • Activity 8-1: Collection Elements
  • Activity 8-2: Quality Collection Plan

 Module 10: Oracle Work in Process

  • Oracle Work in Process
  • Work in Process Transactions
  • Activity 9-1: Create two Discrete Jobs
  • Activity 9-2: Complete Discrete Jobs

 Module 11: Oracle Order Management

  • Oracle Order Management
  • Activity 10-1: Create Sales Order

 Module 12: Advanced Supply Chain Planning

  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  • Collections: Workbench
  • Table and Entity Relationships
  • Activity 11-1: Add a Planner Code
  • Activity 11-2: Master Demand Scheduling
  • Activity 11-3: Create ASCP Class Collection Group
  • Activity 11-4: Run Collection
  • Activity 11-5: Create an Unconstrained Plan
  • Activity 11-6: Releasing Recommendations
  • Activity 11-7: View Discrete Jobs Created
  • Activity 11-8: Find requisitions

 Module 13: Oracle Purchasing

  • Oracle Purchasing
  • Suppliers Window
  • Activity 12-1: Auto create a Purchase Order
  • Activity 12-2: Complete a Receipt Transaction
  • Activity 12-3: Inspect the Purchase Order Material using Oracle Quality
  • Activity 12-4: Deliver Material into a Sub inventory
  • Activity 12-5: View Quality Results

R12.2.9 Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation Course Prerequisites:

• Strong understanding of Oracle Applications R12 EBS Essentials
• Previous work experience in managing Oracle E-Business Suite
• Basic knowledge of Oracle Inventory and Bill of Materials
• Proficiency in Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP & Supply Chain Planning
• Understanding of Oracle Discrete Manufacturing
• Familiarity with Oracle Order Management.

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