R12.2 Oracle Financials Accounting Hub Fundamentals

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

R12.2 Oracle Financials Accounting Hub Fundamentals Course Overview:

The Oracle Financials Accounting Hub Fundamentals course serves as a comprehensive initiation into Oracle Financials Accounting Hub R12.2, equipping students with vital proficiency in its application. Ideal for newcomers to the system, this course offers a holistic understanding of setting up and configuring a Chart of Accounts, defining accounting calendars, crafting financial reporting and ledger segments, and effectively generating and overseeing statutory and management accounting reports. Encompassing general ledger data maintenance and application security, the course delves into key facets like Oracle Multilingual System, Automatic Data Quality Assurance, and Currency Translations. By course completion, participants will possess essential expertise in utilizing Oracle Financials Accounting Hub to adeptly manage their financial operations.

Intended Audience:

  • Financial Analysts
  • Accountants
  • Professionals working with Oracle’s R12-based financial management applications and systems

Learning Objectives of R12.2 Oracle Financials Accounting Hub Fundamentals:

1. Acquire an in-depth understanding of the Oracle Financials Accounting Hub.
2. Learn how to use core elements of the Accounting Hub.
3. Understand how to create Chart of Accounts, structure Financial Calendars, configure Legal Entities and Accounting Setups.
4. Create Accounting Setup Components including Accounting Rules, Currency Codes, Rate Types, and Segments Value Sets.
5. Learn how to manage and generate Accounting Transactions, Organizations, AIMs, and Inter- and Intra- Agency Billing.
6. Identify the capabilities of Oracle Financials Accounting Hub Reporting and Analytics capabilities.
7. Understand how to empower your Enterprise Financials Data with Business Intelligence and E-Business Suite Integration.
8. Access the cloud with Oracle’s Cloud-Ready Solutions.
9. Learn best practices for testing and deploying Oracle Financials Accounting Hub.
10. Become an expert in R12.2 Financials Accounting Hub with hands-on guidance and comprehensive lectures.

 Module 1: Overview of Financials Accounting Hub

  • Understanding Financials Accounting Hub
  • Creating Subledger Journal Entries from Accounting Events
  • Identifying Accounting Events
  • Explaining Transaction Objects Overview
  • Understanding Flexible Application Accounting
  • Describing Multiple Representations and Scalability
  • Explaining Primary and Secondary Ledgers
  • Describing Financials Accounting Hub Flow

 Module 2: Defining, Building and Integrating a Third Party Application

  • Defining, Building and Integrating
  • Planning the Expected Journal Entries
  • Defining Transaction Tables for the External Payables System
  • Defining Transaction View for the External Payables System
  • Registering the Application
  • Defining a Custom SLA Responsibility
  • Defining Journal Source and Categories
  • Defining the Subledger Accounting Application

 Module 3: Using Accounting Methods Builder (AMB)

  • Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) Overview
  • Oracle-Owned versus User-Owned Accounting Methods Builder Components
  • Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) Flow
  • Defining Entities for the External Payables System Transactions
  • Defining Event Classes and Event Types
  • Defining a Process Category
  • Defining Accounting Event Class Options
  • Creating, Assigning, and Validating Sources

 Module 4: Creating Journal Entries

  • Creating Journal Entries
  • Populating Transaction tables
  • Creating Accounting Events
  • Create Accounting Program Overview
  • Running the Create Accounting Program
  • Create Accounting Program Parameters
  • Verifying the Results

 Module 5: Using Reports

  • Subledger Accounting Reports Overview
  • Journal Entries Report
  • Account Analysis Report
  • Third Party Balances Report
  • Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report

R12.2 Oracle Financials Accounting Hub Fundamentals Course Prerequisites:

The Prerequisites to attend the Oracle Financials Accounting Hub Fundamentals Training for R12.2 are as follows:
• Familiarity with Oracle Financials concepts:
• Basic understanding of accounting
• Ability to navigate the Oracle Applications modules
• Knowledge of the setup of chart of accounts, accounts assignments, and flexfields

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