R12.2x Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

R12.2x Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite Course Overview:

The Oracle R12.2x Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite course is designed for IT professionals seeking to acquire foundational knowledge and skills in installing, patching, and maintaining an Oracle E-Business Suite environment at Release 12.2.x. The course covers preparation tasks, installation components and tasks, patching concepts and tools, recommended patching methodology, maintenance tasks, and more. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of installation, patching, and post-installation tasks, enabling them to perform patching activities efficiently. This course is suitable for E-Business Suite administrators, IT application support personnel, and DBAs.

Intended Audience:

  1. IT professionals, such as System Administrators, Database Administrators, and Technical Consultants, who need to install, patch, or maintain an Oracle E-Business Suite.
  2. Technical personnel responsible for the implementation, enhancement, upgrades, and maintenance of all Oracle E-Business Suite products and their underlying technology stack.
  3. Professionals from various business and technical backgrounds, including those engaged in system development.
  4. Participants with varying levels of experience, ranging from new to experienced system administrators.

Learning Objectives of R12.2x Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite:

1. Understand the differences between the various components of Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2x.
2. Learn the concepts and techniques of installing, applying patches, and maintaining Oracle E-Business Suite.
3. Develop the ability to optimize performance, troubleshoot, configure, monitor and analyze the operation of Oracle E-Business Suite.
4. Understand the different approaches to backup and recovery, security and audit requirements.
5. Develop an appreciation of the approaches and techniques to managing design and development of Oracle E-Business Suite applications.
6.Explore best practices related to administration and user maintenance of the system.
7. Explore the impact of setting and business changes to the Oracle E-Business Suite environment.

 Module 1: Oracle E-Business Suite Overview
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Home Page
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Stack
  • Installation Tools
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Products
  • Overview of Rapid Install
  • Supported Platforms and Environments
  • Prerequisites and Preparatory Tasks
  • Starting Rapid Install
  • Obtaining Help
  • Installation Types and Options
  • Standard Installation
  • Express Installation
  • Required Post-Installation Steps
  • Conditional Post-Installation Steps
  • Administration and Maintenance Tasks
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Stack
  • Desktop Tier
  • Application Tier
  • Database Tier
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Layer
  • Oracle Applications DBA
  • Oracle Application Object Library
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Utilities
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Environment Files
  • Application Tier Service Control Scripts
  • Character Sets
  • Globalization Features
  • Language Support
  • File System Overview
  • INST_TOP Directory Structure
  • Database Tier File System
  • Application Tier File System
  • APPL_TOP Directory Structure
  • Product Directories
  • Technology Stack Directory
  • Database Directories
  • Database Overview
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Database Objects and Schemas
  • Implementing Multiple Organizations
  • Reporting Currencies
  • Monitoring Features
  • Performance Features
  • Scalability Features
  • Database Tier Server Control Scripts
  • Shared Application Tier File System
  • Load Balancing
  • Network Features
  • Overview
  • Setting the Environment
  • The AD Utilities
  • Command Line Arguments and Flags
  • AD Utilities Features and Prompts
  • Parallel Processing Options and Distributed AD
  • Log and Restart Files
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Preliminary Tasks
  • Prompts and Log Files
  • Generate Applications Files Menu
  • Generate Message Files
  • Generate Form Files
  • Generate Report Files
  • Generate Product JAR Files
  • Maintain Applications Files Menu
  • Relink Applications Programs
  • Copy Files to Destinations
  • Convert Character Set
  • Maintain Snapshot Information
  • Checking for Missing Files
  • Performing File System Tasks
  • Maintain Database Entities Menu
  • Validate APPS Schema
  • Recreate Grants and Synonyms
  • Maintain Multi-lingual Tables
  • Check DUAL Table
  • Compile/Reload Database Entities Menu
  • Compile APPS Schema
  • Compile Menu Information
  • Compiling Flexfield Data in AOL Tables
  • Reloading JAR Files into Database
  • Creating AD Administration Defaults File
  • Running AD Administration in Non-Interactive Mode
  • Using Maintenance Mode
  • AD Controller Overview
  • Worker Status Flow
  • Restarting an AD Utility
  • Shutting Down Managers
  • AD Relink Overview
  • Running AD Relink
  • AutoConfig Overview
  • Context Files
  • AutoConfig Tasks
  • Running AutoConfig
  • AutoConfig Log Files
  • Rolling Back an AutoConfig Session
  • Running AutoConfig in Test Mode
  • Other AutoConfig Features
  • Introduction
  • Accessing License Manager
  • Registering Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Registering Component Applications
  • Registering Individual Products
  • Registering Country-Specific Functionalities
  • Registering Languages
  • License Manager Reports
  • AD Configuration
  • AD File Identification
  • AD Job Timing Report
  • AD Splicer Overview
  • AD Splicer Control Files
  • Editing newprods.txt File
  • Post-Splice Steps
  • File Character Set Converter
  • Patch Terminology and Components
  • Downloading Patches
  • AutoPatch Features
  • Patch Wizard
  • Running AutoPatch
  • OAM Timing Reports
  • Other Patching Topics
  • Applied Patches Information
  • Principles and Terminology
  • Cloning Scenarios
  • Prerequisite Steps
  • Cloning Steps
  • Finishing Tasks
  • Refresh a Target System
  • Clone a Multi-Node System
  • Add a Node to an Existing System

R12.2x Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite Course Prerequisites:

This training is available at a variety of levels and no specific prerequisites are required for it. Generally, students looking to enroll in this training should possess basic knowledge in IT, relational database concepts and Oracle products. If you are new to Oracle Technology and don’t have a technical background, this is a good training to attend.

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