R12.x Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

R12.x Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals Course Overview:

The Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals R12.x course spans five days, delivering comprehensive insights into Oracle Inventory within the Oracle E-Business Suite. Participants will gain a solid grasp of concepts and practical application, covering areas like item master data management, sub-inventories, cross-organizational and locator transactions, replenishment processes, inventory adjustments, and Oracle Bills of Material. The course is designed to enhance understanding of Multi-org Architecture, the Cycle Counting Process, System Setup, and Transaction Flow in Oracle Inventory. Additionally, attendees will explore the utilization of various reports for data-driven decision-making.

Intended Audience:

  • Inventory Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Functional Implementers
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Users
  • IT Professionals supporting inventory management operations

Learning Objectives of R12.x Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals:

1. Understand the Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals concepts
2. Learnabout the Oracle Inventory organization architecture
3. Be able to setup and administer Items, Subinventories, and Locator Controls
4. Gain insight into physical inventory and cycle counting operations
5. Learn to plan and conduct material moves into and inside the warehouse
6. Understand how replenishments are performed and configured in Oracle
7. Become aware of the concepts of kitting and item classification
8. Create allocations, reservations and issues in the system
9. Setup transaction definitions and explore various transactions types
10.Gain knowledge about various costing techniques and valuation methods in Oracle

 Module 1: Overview of Oracle Inventory

  • Receiving Inventory
  • Transferring Inventory
  • On-hand and Availability
  • Issuing Inventory
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Discussing Inventory Application Integration

 Module 2: Defining Inventory Organizations

  • Overview of Inventory Structure
  • Setting up the Inventory Organization Structure
  • Defining Organization Parameters
  • Defining Organization Parameters

 Module 3: Units of Measure

  • Defining Units of Measure

 Module 4: Defining and Maintaining Items

  • Defining Items Process
  • Using Item Templates
  • Assigning Items to Organizations
  • Categories, Category Sets, and Catalogs
  • Deleting Items

 Module 5: Lot and Serial Control

  • Setting up Lot Control
  • Maintaining Serial Information
  • Maintaining Lot and Serial Genealogy

 Module 6: Transaction Setup

  • Defining Transaction Types
  • Defining Picking Rules
  • Defining Account Aliases
  • Opening and Closing Accounting Periods
  • Setting up Move Orders
  • Material Shortage Alerts and Notifications

 Module 7: Issuing and Transferring Material

  • Managing Receipts
  • Performing Transactions
  • Performing Move Orders
  • Performing Mobile Transactions
  • Managing Shipments

 Module 8: On-hand and Availability

  • Using the Material Workbench
  • Creating Available to Promise Rules
  • Managing Reservations

 Module 9: Material Status Control

  • Material Status Setup

 Module 10: Inventory Replenishment

  • Defining Replenishment
  • Inventory Forecasting Methods
  • Replenishment Counting
  • Replenishment Counting

 Module 11: Inventory Accuracy Fundamentals

  • Defining Counting
  • ABC Analysis
  • Cycle Counting
  • Physical Inventory

 Module 12: Table Information

  • Accessing the Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM)

R12.x Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals Course Prerequisites:

This Oracle R12.x Inventory Management Fundamentals training course is suitable for anyone looking to improve and track their inventory, purchase material and services, and manage their businesses overall inventory cost. This course is appropriate for those who have working knowledge of basic business principles and have a general understanding of Oracle’s product modules, such as Purchasing and Order Management. Prior to attending this course, we also recommend experience with the following technologies:
•Navigating Oracle Applications
•SQL and PL/SQL fundamentals
•Oracle Reports and concurrent programs

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