ADMIN-335: Running Cloudera Private Cloud

Duration: 4 Days (32 Hours)

ADMIN-335: Running Cloudera Private Cloud Course Overview:

This comprehensive course is designed to impart knowledge about the architecture, deployment, configuration, and validation of Cloudera Data Services on CDP Private Cloud. These cutting-edge services encapsulate the complete data lifecycle into a unified suite of tools, marked by low code computing principles. This integration reduces Use Case development costs and expedites both development and deployment processes.

The course initiates by covering recommended practices for hardware selection, network configuration, and the appropriate Kubernetes software selection. The curriculum encompasses insightful explanations about the dynamic scalability of Kubernetes containers to efficiently support Cloudera Data Services. Participants will gain proficiency in the installation, configuration, and validation of key Cloudera Data Services, including Cloudera Data Engineering, Cloudera Data Warehouse, and Cloudera Machine Learning. Practical exercises center around acquiring expertise in Kubernetes, installing the Private Cloud Embedded Container Service (ECS), and effectively deploying various Cloudera Data Services.

Intended Audience:

  • This immersion course is intended for Cloudera Administrators who are advancing into Cloudera Data Services. Students must have proficiency in Linux Command Line Interface. Knowledge of Directory Services, Transport Layer Security, Kerberos, and SQL select statements is helpful.

Learning Objectives of ADMIN-335: Running Cloudera Private Cloud:

  • Architecture for Embedded Container Services
  • Pre-install checklists
  • Manage Identities
  • Install CDP Private Cloud
  • Key Concepts of Kubernetes
  • Architecture for Cloudera Data Services
  • Install, Configure, and Run Data Engineering
  • Install, Configure, and Run Data Warehouse
  • Install, Configure, and Run Machine Learning
Cloudera Data Services
  • Key Design Principles 
  • Architecture for CDP Clusters
  • Architecture for Embedded Container Service
  • Network Recommendations
  • Directory Services Recommendations
  • Hardware Recommendations
  • Database Recommendations
  • Installation Requirements
  • Installation of PvC ECS
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Kubernetes CLI
  • Kubernetes Web UI
  • Architecture of Cloudera Data Engineering
  • Install of Cloudera Data Engineering
  • Validation of Cloudera Data Engineering
  • Architecture of Cloudera Data Warehouse
  • Install of Cloudera Data Warehouse
  • Validation of Cloudera Data Warehouse
  • Architecture of Cloudera Machine Learning
  • Install of Cloudera Machine Learning
  • Validation of Cloudera Machine Learning
  • Identity Management Architecture for PvC
  • Adding administrative users
  • Adding users and groups, assigning roles
  • The importance of Ozone
  • The importance of Longhorn
  • The importance of NFS
  • Recommended Management Practices
  • Install Data Services
  • Configure ECS
  • Review Management Console
  • Architecture for HA for ECS master
  • Troubleshooting
  • Adding Capacity
  • Running Backups
  • Tear down
  • Theory of Hybrid Computing
  • The Importance of CDP at Enterprise Scale
  • Theory of Hybrid Computing
  • The Importance of Cloudera at Enterprise Scale
  • Applications in a Multitenant Environment
  • Cloudera Professional Services

ADMIN-335: Running Cloudera Private Cloud Course Prerequisites

  • Prior experience with Cloudera products is expected, experience with CDP, CDH, or HDP is sufficient. Students must have access to the Internet to reach the classroom environments, which are located on Amazon Web Services.

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