S Oracle SD-WAN Technical Training Ed 1

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

S Oracle SD-WAN Technical Training Ed 1 Course Overview:

The Oracle SD-WAN Technical Training Ed 1 certification acknowledges IT professionals specializing in Oracle’s Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). It enables enterprises to establish efficient WAN architectures, boosting network uptime by intelligently directing traffic through optimal links. This certification showcases expertise in configuring, operating, and resolving issues within Oracle’s SD-WAN networks. Industries adopt Oracle’s SD-WAN to streamline network management, elevate application performance, and ensure robust availability. The certification validates holders’ adeptness in proficiently overseeing and enhancing this system, positioning them as valuable assets for companies adopting or considering an SD-WAN network deployment.

Intended Audience:

• IT professionals specializing in network management
• Network engineers wanting to understand SD-WAN technology
• System administrators aiming to expand their knowledge in Oracle solutions
• Professionals who want to implement and manage Oracle SD-WAN
• Employees of companies planning to adopt Oracle SD-WAN technology

Learning Objectives of S Oracle SD-WAN Technical Training Ed 1:

The primary goals of the Oracle SD-WAN Technical Training Ed 1 course encompass: providing learners with the proficiency to adeptly install, configure, and sustain Oracle SD-WAN solutions; fostering a comprehensive comprehension of SD-WAN architecture and deployment strategies; facilitating mastery of product features and their efficient utilization for network enhancement. This training empowers learners to effectively diagnose and address prevalent network issues through the Oracle SD-WAN solution, resulting in minimized downtime and heightened network efficiency.

 Module 1: Configuration – Learning Objectives

 Module 2: UI Walkthrough

 Module 3: Gathering Data

 Module 4: Configuration – Basic

 Module 5: Configuration – Basic (Activity )

 Module 6: Scaling the Network

 Module 7: Scaling the Network (Activity )

 Module 8: Configuration Services

 Module 9: Configuration Routing

 Module 10: Configuration Routing (Activity)

 Module 11: Dynamic Routing Overview

 Module 12: Dynamic Routing

 Module 13: Configuration-Provisioning

 Module 14: Change Management

 Module 15: QOS – Learning Objectives

 Module 16: Understanding Supply

 Module 17: Provisioning Review

 Module 18: QOS Configuration

 Module 19: Troubleshooting

 Module 20: QOS Review and Activities (Part 01)

 Module 21: QOS Review and Activities (Part 02)

 Module 22: QOS Review and Activities (Part 03)

 Module 23: QOS Review and Activities (Part 04)

 Module 24: QOS Configuration Best Practices

S Oracle SD-WAN Technical Training Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge in IP networking
  • Prior experience with WAN technology
  • Solid understanding of SD-WAN solutions
  • Familiarity with Oracle Software-Defined WAN
  • Practical skills in network design, implementation, and troubleshooting
  • Experience in configuring and managing Oracle SD-WAN Edge products.

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