Shark Camp for Partners

  • Duration: 3 Days (24 Hours)
  • Certified Trainers
  • Practice Labs
  • Digital Courseware
  • Access to the Recordings
  • Experience 24*7 Learner Support.

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Introduction to Shark Camp for Partners Training Course Overview

Shark Camp for Partners transforms you into a C-suite sales shark, ready to navigate the ServiceNow market with unparalleled finesse. This immersive simulation throws you alongside ServiceNow experts, sharpening your selling fangs through industry-specific scenarios and collaborative deal-cracking strategies. Emerge equipped to snag bigger fish, secure boardroom victories, and dominate the partnership ecosystem – all before the next sales cycle even begins. Ready to dive in? Click the link and unleash your inner sales predator.

Intended Audience For Shark Camp for Partners Training

  • ServiceNow Partners: Sales reps, account executives, consultants, new partners.
  • Individuals with: Basic ServiceNow knowledge, some sales experience, C-level interest, ambition.
  • Not for: Sales rookies, tech-only folks, small-deal partners.

Learning objectives for the Shark Camp for Partners training course

  • Insight preview into NowSell
  • Identify New Sales Plays
  • How to win as a team together with ServiceNow
  • Tools and resources to set you up for success
  • ServiceNow approach to co-delivery
  • Executive Insights

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Benefits of taking the Shark Camp for Partners training

1. C-Level Confidence: Master the art of engaging executives, crafting impactful demos, and weaving compelling ROI narratives. Boardrooms become your playground, not your nemesis.

2. Deal-Cracking Savvy: Hone your negotiation skills, develop winning strategies, and learn to secure bigger, bolder deals through targeted C-level selling. Size matters, and Shark Camp makes you the ruler.

3. Immersive Industry Training: Forget dry lectures – this is real-world simulation. Tackle industry-specific scenarios, collaborate with ServiceNow experts, and emerge polished like a diamond.

4. Partnership Powerhouse: Sidekick with ServiceNow sales pros, gleaning insider insights and building invaluable relationships. Teamwork makes the sales dream work!

5. Fast-Track to Results: No slow crawl here – Shark Camp is a week of concentrated learning and accelerated growth. Translate your newfound expertise into closed deals and satisfied clients, faster than a shark smelling chum.

Bonus Benefit: Become the MVP of your partner team, leaving your colleagues awestruck by your newfound sales prowess. Bragging rights included!

Shark Camp for Partners Training Course Modules

Module 1: C-Level Selling Fundamentals

  • Understanding C-level priorities and pain points
  • Crafting compelling value propositions for executive audiences
  • Developing impactful C-level sales presentations and demos
  • Conducting effective C-level sales conversations and negotiations

Module 2: Industry-Specific Scenarios

  • Real-world simulations of key industry verticals (e.g., healthcare, finance, manufacturing)
  • Identifying and capitalizing on strategic ServiceNow solutions within each industry
  • Building winning sales strategies for specific industry challenges
  • Practicing C-level communication and negotiations in industry-relevant scenarios

Module 3: Deal-Cracking Skills and Strategies

  • Advanced negotiation techniques for maximizing deal size and profitability
  • Identifying and resolving potential deal roadblocks
  • Building strong relationships with C-level decision-makers
  • Effective closing techniques and securing buy-in from executives

Module 4: ServiceNow Partnership Advantage

  • Collaboration with ServiceNow sales experts
  • Leveraging ServiceNow resources and support for partner success
  • Building stronger relationships with the ServiceNow ecosystem
  • Identifying and maximizing potential partnership opportunities

Module 5: Shark Camp in Action

  • Putting it all together in a culminating simulation exercise
  • Applying learned skills and strategies to real-world case studies
  • Receiving feedback and coaching from ServiceNow experts
  • Developing a personalized action plan for C-level sales success

Shark Camp for Partners Training Course Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of ServiceNow: familiarity with key concepts and functionalities, preferably some hands-on experience.
  • Sales experience: Prior sales experience, ideally within B2B or technology sales, is generally required.
  • Understanding of C-level sales: Familiarity with the challenges and communication styles of C-level decision-makers can be advantageous.

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