Siebel Business Automation Rel 15.5

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Siebel Business Automation Rel 15.5 Course Overview:

The Siebel Business Automation Rel 15.5 certification validates expertise in Siebel Business Application software, a powerful Oracle CRM solution encompassing sales, marketing, service, and commerce modules. Widely utilized across industries, it enhances customer service and operational efficiency by monitoring and managing interactions. Enabling data sharing, integration, process automation, and analytics, it provides valuable business insights. This certification attests to one’s proficiency in leveraging the platform, essential for roles spanning CRM, IT, and management sectors, and aids industries in optimizing customer interactions and business operations.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals seeking to upgrade their skillset
  • CRM consultants looking to expand their knowledge
  • Business analysts intending to specialize in Siebel systems
  • Database administrators wanting proficiency in Siebel environment
  • Project managers overseeing Siebel CRM deployments
  • System integrators working on Siebel projects
  • Software developers aiming to create applications on Siebel platform.

Learning Objectives of Siebel Business Automation Rel 15.5:

The primary learning objectives of the Siebel Business Automation Rel 15.5 course encompass acquiring comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in business automation processes within the Siebel application. Participants will become proficient in automation capabilities like workflows, fine-tuning business objects, creating and overseeing Siebel tasks, and utilizing task-based UI. Additionally, they will develop an understanding of the Siebel business rules processor and business service functionality. These acquired skills will empower them to optimize organizational business processes, elevate user experience, and enhance overall system performance. Ultimately, the course aims to equip learners with the necessary tools to proficiently implement, manage, and configure the Siebel Business Automation platform.

 Module 1: Siebel Business Services

  • Describing a business service
  • Describing the structure and role of property sets
  • Using the business service simulator to test a business service

 Module 2: Creating and Deploying Siebel Workflow Processes

  • Creating a workflow process using Siebel Tools
  • Testing workflow processes using the Workflow Simulator
  • Publishing and activating workflows
  • Describing the Siebel Workflow architecture
  • Creating robust workflows using sub-processes and queries
  • Invoking workflows with run-time events and custom controls
  • Using workflow policies to invoke workflow processes

 Module 3: Configuring Siebel Universal Inbox

  • Enabling an existing data type for the Inbox

 Module 4: Using Siebel Data Validation Manager

  • Creating and activating validation rule sets
  • Invoking Data Validation Manager from a workflow or run-time event

 Module 5: Using Siebel Task UI

  • Describe the features of Siebel Task UI
  • Invoke and complete a task
  • Configure and administer a task
  • Configure branching logic in a task using transient business components
  • Use task properties in task steps

 Module 6: Introducing Siebel Scripting

  • Describing appropriate uses for scripting in Siebel business automation
  • Identifying scripted objects in Siebel Tools

 Module 7: Creating SmartScripts to automate customer interactions

  • Describing the features of SmartScript
  • Identifying the elements that make up a SmartScript
  • Create a basic Siebel SmartScript
  • Personalizing a SmartScript with user properties
  • Customizing data displayed in a SmartScript with search specifications and picklists
  • Add Siebel eScript to a SmartScript

 Module 8: Using Siebel State Model

  • Describe how state models can enforce business logic
  • Create a new state model

 Module 9: Assigning Business Data with Siebel Assignment Manager

  • Explaining the role of Siebel Assignment Manager
  • Describing the components of assignment rules
  • Creating and testing assignment rules
  • Describing the Siebel assignment methodology
  • Configure assignment objects in Siebel Tools
  • Invoke Assignment Manager in dynamic mode

Siebel Business Automation Rel 15.5 Course Prerequisites:

• Prior experience with Siebel software systems
• Basic understanding of CRM processes
• Familiarity with database concepts, web technologies, and Siebel architecture
• Proficiency in programming languages like JavaScript, VBScript
• Pre-existing knowledge of Siebel Tools configuration and Siebel EAI
• Fundamental concepts of Business Automation workflows.

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