Siebel CRM Administration

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Siebel CRM Administration Course Overview:

The Siebel CRM Administration certification signifies expertise in overseeing and executing Siebel solutions, a prevalent customer relationship management (CRM) system. It acknowledges proficiency in configuring, governing, and sustaining Siebel applications, serving as a standard to affirm individuals’ adeptness in database management, server setup, and performance enhancement, guaranteeing efficient customer relationship management. This certification provides insights into Siebel’s structure, integration methods, and security, empowering certified experts to adeptly manage intricate situations and resolve business issues using resilient CRM solutions. Utilizing Siebel certified professionals aids industries in enhancing customer service and upholding business associations.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals involved in CRM implementation
  • Siebel System administrators
  • Project managers overseeing Siebel CRM projects
  • CRM consultants seeking proficiency in Siebel
  • Professionals interested in building a career in CRM
  • Technical architects and analysts working with Siebel CRM
  • Database Administrators managing Siebel applications
  • Software developers interacting with Siebel APIs

Learning Objectives of Siebel CRM Administration:

The Siebel CRM Administration course is meticulously crafted to empower learners with essential skills for configuring, administrating, and implementing solutions using the Siebel CRM system. This comprehensive curriculum encompasses vital learning objectives:

  1. Grasping the architecture and functionality of Siebel CRM.
  2. Mastery in managing Siebel application services.
  3. Proficiency in configuring and automating Siebel CRM processes.
  4. Understanding Siebel client types, application infrastructure, and navigation.
  5. Developing adeptness in data access control, assignment rules, and routing rules management.
  6. Cultivating troubleshooting skills to efficiently resolve common issues.

By successfully completing this course, participants will emerge equipped with the competencies needed to proficiently administer Siebel CRM, optimize system functionality, and adeptly address challenges, ensuring seamless utilization and effective implementation of the CRM solution.

 Module 1:

  • The Siebel Architecture
  • Server Components
  • Component Parameters
  • Server Management
  • Using the Command-Line Interface

 Module 2:

  • Configuration Files
  • System Logging and Event Notification
  • Siebel Application Response Measurement
  • Managing Clients

 Module 3:

  • Migrating Parameters between Servers
  • Introduction to Application Deployment Manager
  • Using Application Deployment Manager
  • Performance Considerations

Siebel CRM Administration Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of CRM concepts
  • Familiarity with Siebel CRM applications
  • General knowledge of relational database management systems
  • Basic SQL and PL/SQL skills
  • Server operating system experience, preferably in UNIX or Windows environments
  • Exposure to web server technologies such as IIS or Apache.

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