Siebel Customer Order Management Rel 15.5

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Siebel Customer Order Management Rel 15.5 Course Overview:

The Siebel Customer Order Management Rel 15.5 certification is a focused validation of one’s proficiency in effectively handling Siebel’s robust Customer Order Management solutions, a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. This credential underscores adeptness in implementing, configuring, and overseeing Siebel’s sales and order management features. Industries rely on this certification to discern adept individuals capable of optimizing sales order processing and customer service through Siebel solutions. Certified experts possess adept knowledge of Siebel’s tools and methodologies, facilitating streamlined order management, improved inventory visibility, and reduced order fulfillment expenses.

Intended Audience:

• Experienced Siebel professionals seeking advancement
• IT professionals looking to expand their CRM skills
• Business analysts working on Siebel projects
• IT consultants specializing in CRM and E-business solutions
• Project managers overseeing Siebel implementation
• System administrators and developers utilizing Siebel applications.

Learning Objectives of Siebel Customer Order Management Rel 15.5:

The learning objectives of the Siebel Customer Order Management Release 15.5 course are designed to equip participants with the essential skills to proficiently implement and manage Siebel Order Management. By the end of the course, participants will attain the following competencies:

  1. Configuration and Administration: Participants will gain mastery in configuring and administering the Siebel application to effectively support order management functions.
  2. Order Lifecycle Management: Through comprehensive training, participants will develop a thorough understanding of the entire order lifecycle, encompassing catalog management, pricing strategies, selling processes, order capture, and order fulfillment.
  3. Order Fallout Reduction: Participants will learn methods to minimize order fallouts, ensuring a smoother and error-free order processing experience.
  4. Seamless Order Transitions: Participants will acquire techniques to facilitate seamless transitions throughout the order lifecycle, optimizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  5. Effective Communication: The course will teach participants how to establish effective communication channels within the organization for order-related matters, fostering better collaboration and coordination.
  6. Customer Experience Enhancement: Participants will learn strategies to enhance customer experience by streamlining order processes, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  7. Sales Boost: By mastering Siebel Order Management, participants will be better equipped to boost sales through efficient order capture and fulfillment.
  8. Operational Efficiency: The course will empower participants to enhance operational efficiency by optimizing order management workflows and reducing delays.

Through hands-on training and practical exercises, participants will develop the expertise needed to implement Siebel Order Management successfully. This will enable them to contribute to improved customer experiences, increased sales, and heightened operational effectiveness within their organizations.

Module 1: Customer Order Management Overview

  • Overview of Customer Order Management

Module 2: Administering Simple Products

  • Describing Simple Products
  • Creating and Entering Detail for Simple Products
  • Versioning and Releasing a Product Record

Module 3: Administering Attributes and Classes

  • Describing Attributes
  • Creating a Class Hierarchy
  • Creating Attributes and Domains and Assigning Them to a Hierarchy
  • Assigning Products to the Class Hierarchy
  • Generating Smart Part Numbers

Module 4: Pricing Overview

  • Overview of Pricing
  • Creating Volume Discounts

Module 5: Administering Catalogs and Categories

  • Describing Product Catalogs
  • Creating Catalogs and Categories
  • Adding Products to Categories
  • Understanding Product Catalog Visibility

Module 6: Administering Component-Type Customizable Products

  • Creating Component-Type Customizable Products by Defining Relationships
  • Using a Workspace Project to Manage, Test, and Release Products, Attributes, and Classes
  • Using Time Slice Reports to Track Changes within an Object/Version

Module 7: Administering Constraints

  • Creating Constraints to Enforce Business Logic during Product Configuration
  • Describing Commonly-Used Rule Types

Module 8: Administering Eligibility and Compatibility

  • Describing Eligibility and Compatibility Examples and Usage Scenarios
  • Defining Eligibility and Compatibility Matrices
  • Administering Eligibility and Compatibility Rules

Module 9: Administering Promotions

  • Listing Types of Product Promotions
  • Administering Product Bundles, Coupons, and Special Configuration Promotions
  • Administering Eligibility and Compatibility for Product Promotions
  • Using Product Promotions with Quotes and Orders

Module 10: Administering Recommendations

  • Describing Product and Promotion Recommendation Functionality
  • Creating Product and Promotion Recommendations
  • Defining Messages Using Unified Messaging Administrative Views

Module 11: Administering Multiple Product UIs

  • Creating Multiple Product User Interfaces (UIs) for a Customizable Product
  • Using User Interface Properties for Additional Functionality
  • Describing the Logic Governing Product UI Selection

Module 12: Object Definitions

  • Object Types and Definitions
  • Using Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions

Module 13: Business Services

  • Business Services in Siebel CRM Applications
  • Modifying Siebel Workflow Processes

Module 14: Administering Advanced Pricing Policies

  • Creating Aggregate Discounts
  • Pricing Component-Type Customizable Products
  • Siebel COM Pricing Architecture
  • Understanding Pricing Procedures and Row Sets
  • Invoking Pricing Procedures
  • Understanding Signals
  • Configuring Variable Maps
  • The Product Selection and Pricing Engine
  • The Row Set Transformation Toolkit Business Service
  • RSTT Transforms
  • Price Waterfalls
  • Generating a Price Waterfall
  • Extending a Price Waterfall
  • Configuring Advanced Pricing Policies
  • Attribute Adjustments
  • Discount Matrices
  • Hierarchical Discounts
  • Aggregate Volume Discounts

Siebel Customer Order Management Rel 15.5 Course Prerequisites:

• Adequate knowledge of Siebel CRM fundamentals.
• Thorough understanding of Siebel Data model architecture.
• Proficiency in Siebel Configuration and Siebel Workflow.
• Advanced Siebel Scripting skills.
• Practical experience with Siebel Business Automation.
• Prior training in Siebel Order Management.
• Familiarity with Siebel Customer Order Management version 15.5.

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