Software Asset Management Essentials

Duration: 3 Days (24 Hours)

Software Asset Management Essentials Course Overview:

The Software Asset Management (SAM) Essentials Certification is a professional validation that confirms an individual’s capabilities in effectively managing software assets within an organization. This credential entails expertise in practices related to the identification, control, and safeguarding of software assets. By holding this certification, an individual demonstrates their proficiency in mitigating the risk of penalties resulting from licensing agreement violations, alongside enhancing operational efficiency. Industries utilize SAM certification to establish precise software usage tracking, cost control, and alignment with regulatory mandates. This certification guarantees that their workforce possesses the competence to sustain a robust SAM program, fostering transparency, accountability, and efficiency in software utilization.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals managing software assets
  • IT asset managers
  • Business managers with oversight of IT operations
  • Software license managers
  • IT procurement personnel
  • Compliance officers dealing with software licenses
  • IT consultants specializing in software asset management
  • IT auditors checking software licensing and compliance.

Learning Objectives of Software Asset Management Essentials:

The learning objectives of the Software Asset Management Essentials course are as follows:

  • Equipping participants with a comprehensive grasp of software asset management principles, techniques, and industry best practices.
  • Providing insights into the significance of efficient software asset management, and its influence on cost efficiency, compliance, and risk mitigation.
  • Developing competencies in implementing successful software asset management programs, encompassing understanding software licenses, managing software inventory, and resolving software compliance concerns.
  • Cultivating skills in negotiating software contracts and adeptly managing vendor relationships.
 Module 1: Introduction
  • Big Data Analytics Overview
  • Data Storage: HDFS
  • Distributed Data Processing: YARN, MapReduce, and Spark
  • Data Processing and Analysis: Hive and Impala
  • Database Integration: Sqoop
  • Other Data Tools
  • Exercise Scenario Explanation
  • Describe and explain the need for SAM and the considerations and the content of a SAM business case
  • Obtain the appropriate information from the business and IT required to produce a SAM business case
  • Assist with the production of a SAM business case
  • Describe and explain the roles, responsibilities and accountability of the SAM processes and information
  • Explain the need for defining and agreeing roles and responsibilities
  • Explain the organisational factors that need to be considered when defining roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the responsibilities required to carry out specific roles, e.g. audit, reconciliation work and contract management.
  • Describe and explain the overall SAM process framework
  • Describe and explain the stages in the lifecycle of software assets
  • Describe and explain the SAM processes groups and processes contained within the framework and their content
  • Describe and explain the policies and procedures required and their content
  • Explain and justify the stages and activities involved in the implementation of SAM within an organisation
  • Justify and initiate the implementation of SAM within an organisation
  • Develop an outline plan for the implementation of SAM within an organisation
  • Understand the different resource requirements between project and business as usual activities.

Software Asset Management Essentials Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of IT management principles
• Familiarity with software licencing terms and conditions
• Knowledge about IT asset inventory processes
• Experience or knowledge in IT service management.
• Understanding of fundamentals of software lifecycle management.
• Basic financial and procurement knowledge.

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