Splunk Courses and Certifications

Splunk training courses and certifications offer invaluable knowledge and expertise in the field of data analytics and security. These programs equip professionals with the skills to harness the power of Splunk’s data analytics platform, enabling them to efficiently analyze vast datasets, identify insights, and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, Splunk certifications validate individuals’ proficiency in using this powerful tool, making them highly sought-after in the job market. Whether you’re looking to enhance your career prospects, improve operational efficiency, or bolster your organization’s cybersecurity efforts, investing in Splunk training and certifications is a wise choice that delivers tangible benefits.

Splunk Courses

Unlocking data-driven insights and enhance cybersecurity capabilities with Splunk training courses and certifications.

1Intro to Splunk
2Using Fields
3Scheduling Reports & Alerts
5Working with Time
6Statistical Processing
7Comparing Values
8Result Modification
9Leveraging Lookups and Subsearches
10Correlation Analysis
11Search Under the Hood
12Multivalue Fields
13Intro to Knowledge Objects
14Creating Knowledge Objects
15Creating Field Extractions
16Enriching Data with Lookups
17Data Models
18Introduction to Dashboards
19Dynamic Dashboards
20Creating Maps
21Search Optimization
22Splunk Cloud Administration
23Splunk Enterprise System Administration
24Splunk Enterprise Data Administration
25Implementing Splunk SmartStore
26Transitioning to Splunk Cloud
27Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise
28Splunk ClusterAdministration
29Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments
30Splunk Enterprise Practical Lab
31Advanced Dashboards &Visualizations in SplunkJS
32Core Consultant Labs
33Core Implementation
34Building Splunk Apps
35Developing with the Splunk
36Splunk for Analytics & Data Science
37Using ES
38Administering SplunkEnterprise Security
39Developing SOAR Playbooks
40Advanced SOAR Implementation
41Using Splunk IT Service Intelligence 4.15
42Implementing Splunk IT Service Intelligence 4.15
43Fundamentals of Metrics Monitoring in Splunk Observability
44Visualizing and Alerting in Splunk Observability Cloud
45Using Splunk Application Performance Monitoring
46Ingesting Application Metrics in Splunk Observability Cloud
47Configuring Tracing and Profiling for Splunk APM
48Splunk On-Call Administration
49Administering Splunk SOAR
50Using the Splunk IM Terraform Provider
51Creating Classic Dashboards
52Kubernetes Monitoring with Splunk Observability Cloud
53Investigating Incidents with Splunk SOAR
54Manual Instrumentation with Splunk APM
55Using Splunk Synthetic Monitoring
56Using Splunk Real User Monitoring
57Introduction to Splunk UBA

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