StorageGRID Administration

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

StorageGRID Administration Course Overview:

The StorageGRID Administration certification evaluates an individual’s proficiency in operating, managing, and administering NetApp’s StorageGRID solutions. These solutions are essential for industries seeking to efficiently manage and oversee large-scale, globally distributed storage infrastructures. They are primarily employed for secure data preservation, distribution, and retrieval purposes. To attain this certification, one must possess knowledge of storage configuration, data protection procedures, and integration with other NetApp systems. Additionally, it encompasses the utilization of StorageGRID features such as multi-site deployment and geographically distributed erasure coding. Certified professionals demonstrate their expertise in utilizing StorageGRID to establish policies that govern data longevity and access, thereby facilitating effective data management within various industries.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining StorageGRID systems
  • System administrators in charge of data storage infrastructure management
  • Technical staff responsible for data storage, security, and network operations
  • IT consultants specializing in data storage solutions
  • Individuals looking to enhance their knowledge of advanced data storage systems

Learning Objectives of StorageGRID Administration:

The learning objectives of the StorageGRID Administration course aim to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the StorageGRID architecture. Participants are expected to gain proficiency in operating various components like Storage Nodes, Admin Nodes, and Gateway Nodes. The course targets the understanding of data lifecycle management using ILM rules and policies. Additionally, participants should be able to perform administrative tasks including system installation, user account management, tenant management, backup, and restore operations. It also aims to develop troubleshooting skills for commonly encountered operation issues. In essence, post-course, participants should be able to operate, manage and troubleshoot a basic StorageGRID infrastructure.

Module 0: Welcome

  • Introduction to the StorageGRID Curriculum
  • Overview of the Course
  • Course Agenda

Module 1: StorageGRID Components and Services

  • Understanding StorageGRID Components
  • Node Service Workflows

Module 2: StorageGRID Management

  • Grid Manager
  • StorageGRID Configuration Options
  • StorageGRID Administrators
  • Securing Access to StorageGRID
  • StorageGRID Management API

Module 3: Storage Tenant Administration

  • Tenant Accounts
  • Tenant Manager
  • Tenant Access Control
  • StorageGRID Tenant API

Module 4: Information Lifecycle Management

  • ILM Policies and Rules
  • Storage Pools, Storage Grades, and Regions
  • Configuring ILM Policies

Module 5: Managing Client Connections

  • VLAN Interfaces
  • High-Availability Groups
  • Load Balancer Endpoints
  • Traffic Classification

Module 6: S3 Bucket Administration

  • Virtual Hosted-Style Identifiers
  • Bucket Access Control
  • S3 Bucket Configuration Options
  • Client Stored Object Options
  • Platform Services

Module 7: Monitoring the StorageGRID System

  • Alerts
  • Audit Log
  • Reporting

Module 8: StorageGRID Maintenance

  • StorageGRID AutoSupport
  • Managing StorageGRID Services
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • StorageGRID Software Upgrades

Module 9: Integrating a StorageGRID System

  • ONTAP FabricPool
  • ONTAP Backup to Cloud
  • SolidFire Backup to Cloud
  • NetApp Cloud Sync Service
  • NetApp Cloud Backup Service

StorageGRID Administration Course Prerequisites:

  • Fundamental understanding of computer networks
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • Familiarity with storage systems and data protection concepts
  • Proficiency in Linux or UNIX operating systems
  • Previous experience in storage administration or a related field

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