Student Financials Fundamentals Rel 9.2 Ed 5

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Student Financials Fundamentals Rel 9.2 Ed 5 Course Overview:

The Student Financials Fundamentals Rel 9.2 Ed 5 certification, issued by Oracle, is tailored for professionals engaged in overseeing student financial accounts within academic settings. It delves into pivotal concepts encompassing tuition computation, charges, payments, refunds, financial aid dispersals, and collections. This credential fosters a comprehensive grasp of the Oracle PeopleSoft Student Financials system, empowering users to skillfully navigate and manage student financial data. The education sector, primarily, leverages this certification as a testament to adeptness, ensuring streamlined financial operations and heightened institutional efficacy. It attests to an individual’s capacity to furnish precise, secure, and compliant financial services to students.

Intended Audience:

• Finance professionals in educational institutions
• Administrators handling student finances
• Accountants and finance officers in universities
• School and college finance department staff
• ERP specialists in education sector
• Professionals involved in student financial operations
• Individuals preparing for a career in financial operations in the education sector.

Learning Objectives of Student Financials Fundamentals Rel 9.2 Ed 5:

The educational goals of the Student Financials Fundamentals Rel 9.2 Ed 5 course are meticulously crafted to furnish students with a comprehensive grasp of essential financial principles tailored for educational institutions. Precisely, the curriculum is designed to acquaint students with diverse dimensions of student financials, encompassing tuition calculation, intricate student accounting, and adept customer account administration. Additionally, the course endeavors to instill proficiency in the strategic setup and seamless management of student financials, spanning tasks such as managing charges, processing payments, and facilitating refunds. By the culmination of the course, students should have the proficiency to adeptly navigate the PeopleSoft application, competently managing student financial operations and transactions.

 Module 1: Setting Up Tuition and Fee Calculations

  • Describing PeopleSoft Campus Solution components
  • Describing the set up for calculating tuition
  • Defining term and session tables
  • Setting up calendars
  • Establishing minimum and maximum fees
  • Defining criteria, tuition groups and waivers
  • Charging course fees
  • Scheduling classes

 Module 2: Calculating Tuition and Fees

  • Adding students to programs
  • Activating students in a term
  • Calculating tuition and fees
  • Reviewing PeopleSoft Student Financials Self Service

 Module 3: Defining the PeopleSoft Student Financials Foundation

  • Using keywords to search for item types
  • Setting up item types
  • Securing PeopleSoft Student Financials
  • Creating charge priority lists
  • Setting up global invoicing
  • Implementing payment swapping

 Module 4: Reviewing Tuition and Fee Calculations

  • Defining transaction and optional fees
  • Setting up self service miscellaneous purchases
  • Describing the population selection update process

 Module 5: Maintaining Receivables

  • Defining posting parameters in business units
  • Using workflow to notify users
  • Defining groups types and origins
  • Reviewing posting functionality

 Module 6: Disbursing Financial Aid

  • Awarding financial aid manually
  • Passing anticipated aid
  • Disbursing financial aid
  • Reviewing global disbursement rules
  • Performing batch authorization and disbursement

 Module 7: Billing Customers

  • Billing a customer
  • Preparing for billing
  • Using the payment applier

 Module 8: Setting Up Service Indicators

  • Service Indicator Setup

 Module 9: Processing Refunds

  • Describing refunding
  • Defining refunding rules
  • Defining Payroll and AP refunding rules
  • Creating student online and batch refunds

Student Financials Fundamentals Rel 9.2 Ed 5 Course Prerequisites:

• Knowledge of basic navigation and functionality in PeopleSoft
• Familiarity with common terms used in student financials
• Basic understanding of concepts such as tuition calculation, due charges, payments, and refunds
• Prior experience in PeopleSoft Student Financials or similar applications would be beneficial.

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