SUSE Enterprise Storage Basic Operations

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

SUSE Enterprise Storage Basic Operations Course Overview:

The SUSE Enterprise Storage Basic Operations certification validates the proficiency of IT professionals in effectively managing and enhancing storage systems using the SUSE Enterprise Storage platform. This credential entails showcasing comprehensive knowledge of fundamental operational processes including cluster management, raw block system establishment, and performance optimization, among others. Industries adopt this certification to identify and engage adept experts well-versed in open-source software-defined storage. As a result, organizations are empowered to harness advanced, economical, and scalable storage solutions to efficiently address their expanding data storage requirements.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals with knowledge of storage systems
  • System administrators and operators
  • Storage managers and technicians
  • Data center personnel
  • Those responsible for managing storage solutions based on SUSE Enterprise Storage
  • Individuals interested in open-source software-defined storage
  • Professionals seeking to optimize and manage storage clusters
  • Anyone looking to enhance their skills in basic storage operations using SUSE Enterprise Storage.

Learning Objectives of SUSE Enterprise Storage Basic Operations:

The primary learning objectives of the SUSE Enterprise Storage Basic Operations course are as follows:

  • To provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Ceph architecture and its integral components, such as MON, OSD, MGR, MDS, and RADOS gateway.
  • To equip learners with the necessary skills to proficiently install, configure, and effectively manage a SUSE Enterprise Storage cluster.
  • To enable participants to successfully handle day-to-day operations within a SUSE Enterprise Storage environment, ensuring its smooth functioning and reliability.
  • To impart the expertise required for participants to perform data replication processes, contributing to data redundancy and high availability.
  • To facilitate learners in effectively monitoring and maintaining the health and performance of the SUSE Enterprise Storage cluster.
  • To cover crucial aspects of data protection and recovery, ensuring participants are well-versed in safeguarding and restoring data as needed.
  • To emphasize a deep understanding of Ceph’s object storage system and block device capabilities, enabling participants to leverage these features efficiently.
  • To enable participants to integrate Ceph with OpenStack, expanding their skill set and enhancing their ability to deploy and manage complex storage solutions.

Through achieving these learning objectives, participants will gain the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to confidently manage SUSE Enterprise Storage environments, implement data protection strategies, and integrate Ceph into broader IT ecosystems. This knowledge will empower them to contribute to efficient and resilient storage operations within their organizations.

 Module 1: Course Introduction and Overview

 Module 2: Introduction to SUSE Enterprise Storage 6

 Module 3: Pools and Data Placement

 Module 4: Overviewing of Accessing Storage

 Module 5: Common Day 1 Tasks Using the CLI

 Module 6: Ceph Dashboard

 Module 7: Basic Troubleshooting of SUSE Enterprise Storage

SUSE Enterprise Storage Basic Operations Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of storage principles
• Working knowledge on File systems
• Familiarity with SUSE Linux or other Linux distributions
• Experience using command line interface
• Knowledge of network configuration and security
• Prior experience with system installation and administration.

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