SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Manager

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Manager Course Overview:

The SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Manager certification is a specialized credential tailored for IT sales professionals, confirming expertise in SUSE Manager technologies. It validates the individual’s capacity to comprehend, communicate, position, and successfully promote SUSE Manager solutions to clients and partners. Integrated into SUSE’s product lineup, this certification drives effective, dependable, and manageable enterprise-level Linux environments. Attaining this certification underscores the individual’s dedication to bolstering their credibility with clients, enabling them to offer enhanced product recommendations and technological resolutions. Consequently, industries harness SUSE Manager to streamline server management, uphold compliance with business standards, curtail operational expenses, and amplify productivity and efficiency.

Intended Audience:

  • Sales Professionals in the IT and technology industry
  • Business Development Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Solution Consultants
  • Technical Sales Representatives
  • Sales Engineers
  • Pre-sales Specialists
  • Individuals interested in selling SUSE Manager solutions
  • IT Professionals looking to enhance their sales skills in IT management and system administration solutions.

Learning Objectives of SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Manager:

The main objectives of the “SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Manager” course aim to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of SUSE Manager’s capabilities, benefits, and its value proposition for businesses. By completing the course, learners should be able to achieve the following key objectives:

  1. Develop a deep understanding of SUSE Manager’s operations, functionalities, and features, including its role in managing software updates, configuration, and monitoring in IT environments.
  2. Gain insights into the unique selling points and competitive advantages of SUSE Manager, allowing participants to effectively communicate its value to potential clients.
  3. Learn how to articulate the technical capabilities and benefits of SUSE Manager, tailored to different customer needs and industry requirements.
  4. Identify potential sales opportunities where SUSE Manager can address specific challenges and pain points faced by organizations, both in on-premise and cloud environments.
  5. Acquire the skills to engage in efficient sales conversations with clients, highlighting how SUSE Manager can streamline their IT operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.
  6. Understand the deployment and configuration options of SUSE Manager, enabling participants to advise clients on the best setup to meet their specific business needs.
  7. Explore how SUSE Manager can enhance security, compliance, and governance by managing software updates, patches, and configurations across diverse IT infrastructures.
  8. Develop the ability to position SUSE Manager as a cost-effective solution that can lead to significant reductions in operations costs and improved overall performance for organizations.
  9. Learn about real-world use cases and success stories where SUSE Manager has delivered tangible benefits to clients, providing practical examples to support sales discussions.
  10. Enhance skills in consultative selling by understanding customer pain points, requirements, and objectives, and how to tailor SUSE Manager solutions to address these effectively.

Upon completing the course, participants should be well-equipped to engage in knowledgeable and impactful sales conversations with potential clients, offering them valuable insights into how SUSE Manager can optimize their IT management processes, enhance security, and drive operational efficiency. The course aims to empower sales professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively position and sell SUSE Manager solutions to a wide range of organizations seeking comprehensive IT management solutions.

Module 01 – Course Overview

  • Course Introduction and Overview

Module 02 – Opportunity and Impact

  • Video: Opportunity and Impact Video – Part 1

Module 03 – IT Management Challenges

  • Video: IT Management Challenges – Part 2

Module 04 – SUSE Manager

  • Video: SUSE Manager – Part 3

Module 05 – What’s New in SUSE Manager 4.3?

  • Video: What’s New in SUSE Manager 4.3? – Part 4

Module 06 – Who to Talk to

  • Video: Who to Talk to – Part 5

Module 07 – SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Manager Exam

  • SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Manager Exam

SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Manager Course Prerequisites:

• Familiarity with Linux operating system, especially SUSE Linux.
• Basics of system management and administration.
• Understanding of system deployment and configuration.
• Knowledge of software-driven infrastructure solutions.
• Experience in sales and customer service.
• Prior training or certification in SUSE product portfolio may be beneficial.

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