SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Retail Solutions

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Retail Solutions Course Overview:

The SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Retail Solutions certification validates proficiency in promoting SUSE’s retail solutions, encompassing enterprise Linux, containers, and cloud offerings. This credential equips professionals to strategize, deploy, and oversee SUSE solutions tailored for the retail sector. Essential for businesses seeking competitive edge, the certification empowers sales teams with expertise to effectively pitch SUSE’s retail solutions, driving efficiency and digital transformation. Industries leverage it to enhance competitiveness and streamline operations. Additionally, the certification boosts career prospects in the realm of open-source software sales.

Intended Audience:

  • Sales Professionals in the retail technology sector
  • Business Development Managers focusing on retail solutions
  • Account Managers specializing in retail industry clients
  • Retail Technology Sales Executives
  • Solution Consultants with retail industry clients
  • Technical Sales Representatives for retail technology solutions
  • Sales Engineers dealing with retail-specific software and technology
  • Pre-sales Specialists in the retail technology field
  • Individuals interested in selling SUSE’s retail solutions to businesses in the retail sector
  • IT Professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of SUSE’s retail solutions and how they address industry challenges.

Learning Objectives of SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Retail Solutions:

The primary learning objectives of the “SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Retail Solutions” course are designed to provide sales professionals with a comprehensive understanding of SUSE’s retail-focused solutions and how to effectively position, promote, and sell these solutions to clients in the retail industry. Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to achieve the following key objectives:

  1. Explore SUSE Retail Solutions: Develop a deep understanding of the range of SUSE solutions tailored specifically for the retail sector. Gain insights into the features, functionalities, and benefits of these solutions.
  2. Understand Retail Industry Context: Gain knowledge of the unique challenges and requirements faced by the retail industry. Understand how SUSE Retail Solutions address these challenges and contribute to the success of retail businesses.
  3. Position SUSE Retail Solutions: Learn to effectively position and articulate the value proposition of SUSE Retail Solutions to prospective clients. Understand how these solutions align with the specific needs and goals of retail businesses.
  4. Highlight Competitive Differentiators: Distinguish the key differentiators that set SUSE Retail Solutions apart from competitors. Gain the ability to communicate how SUSE solutions outperform others in the retail technology landscape.
  5. Identify Customer Needs: Develop skills in identifying customer pain points, challenges, and opportunities within the retail industry. Learn how to engage in consultative conversations to uncover clients’ specific requirements.
  6. Recommend Tailored Solutions: Acquire the ability to recommend and tailor appropriate SUSE Retail Solutions that align with the identified customer needs. Learn how to position SUSE solutions as the ideal fit for retail clients.
  7. Craft Compelling Value Propositions: Learn to create persuasive and compelling value propositions that showcase how SUSE Retail Solutions can address specific retail business objectives and deliver tangible benefits.
  8. Drive Revenue Growth: Understand how to drive revenue growth by effectively promoting and selling SUSE Retail Solutions. Explore strategies for building strong sales pipelines and closing deals in the retail sector.
  9. Manage Customer Relationships: Enhance customer relationship management skills by understanding how to nurture, support, and sustain client relationships throughout the sales process and beyond.
  10. Apply Industry Best Practices: Familiarize yourself with industry best practices for selling technology solutions in the retail sector. Learn from real-world case studies and success stories.

By mastering these learning objectives, participants will be well-equipped to engage in informed and impactful sales conversations with retail clients. They will have the knowledge and skills to effectively present SUSE Retail Solutions as a strategic enabler for retail businesses, address customer concerns, and drive successful sales outcomes. Ultimately, the course aims to empower sales professionals to excel in promoting and selling SUSE Retail Solutions to prospective clients in the dynamic and competitive retail industry.

Module 01 – Opportunity and Impact

  • Video: Opportunity and Impact
  • Video: Challenges of the Retail Industry
  • Video: The SUSE Solution for the Retail Industry
  • Video: Who to Talk to
  • Self Review Quiz

Module 02 – SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Retail Solutions Exam

  • SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Retail Solutions Exam

SUSE Sales Specialist – SUSE Retail Solutions Course Prerequisites:

• Knowledge in SUSE Linux Enterprise
• Familiarity with Retail operations
• Basic understanding of software-defined infrastructure
• Proficiency in hardware management
• Network management skills
• Experience in selling technology solutions
• Knowledge of SUSE’s product portfolio, specifically its retail-based solutions
• Understanding of open source solutions.

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