The Complete Oracle SQL Certification

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course Overview:

The Complete Oracle SQL Certification acknowledges individuals who have displayed their expertise in using SQL, a programming language specifically designed for managing, retrieving, and manipulating data within relational databases. This certification validates the candidate’s proficiency in SQL with a focus on the Oracle database system. It covers various aspects, including complex queries, data manipulation, physical and logical constructs, and SQL optimization, among others, forming the core of the certification. Industries widely adopt this certification as a standard for recruitment and evaluation, ensuring that certified individuals possess the technical skills necessary to handle databases effectively. This plays a critical role in data-driven businesses, IT companies, and other sectors where efficient data management is indispensable.

Intended Audience:

• Individuals interested in data management and database design
• IT professionals seeking career enhancement in database administration
• Graduates aiming to build a career in Oracle SQL
• Software engineers interested in expanding their knowledge base
• Professionals aiming to acquire Oracle SQL certification.

Learning Objectives of The Complete Oracle SQL Certification:

The learning objectives of The Complete Oracle SQL Certification course are to:

  1. Provide students with comprehensive knowledge of Oracle SQL, enabling them to interact effectively with databases.
  2. Develop a foundational understanding of data modeling concepts and the ability to write complex SQL queries.
  3. Teach SQL tuning techniques to optimize the performance of SQL statements.
  4. Equip students with the skills to manage database objects efficiently.
  5. Explore advanced SQL features, expanding students’ capabilities in working with data.
  6. Prepare learners for the Oracle SQL Certification exam, boosting their confidence to excel in a professional environment.
  7. Enable students to apply SQL tasks effectively in real-world scenarios, enhancing their practical skills for database management and development.

Module 1: Database Basics
Module 2: Single Table Queries
Module 3: Single-Row Functions
Module 4: Grouping Functions
Module 5: Multi-Table Queries and Joins
Module 6: Analytical Functions using OVER and PARTITION with ORDER
Module 7: Creating, Altering, and Updating Objects Using SQL

The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of the Oracle SQL database
• Knowledge of relational database concepts
• Familiarity with programming concepts
• Experience in database design
• Computer literacy
• Understanding of basic SQL commands
• Prior experience in Oracle database management is beneficial but not essential.

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