Using Apache Flink and SQL Stream Builder on CDP

Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)

Using Apache Flink and SQL Stream Builder on CDP Course Overview:

Spanning two days, this instructor-led training course immerses participants in the world of Cloudera Streaming Analytics. This framework leverages the prowess of Apache Flink and Cloudera’s pioneering SQL Stream Builder for low-latency processing and analytics.

The course encapsulates hands-on experiences, guiding students through the deployment and management of a Flink cluster. It delves into the development and execution of Flink applications, and introduces the utilization of SQL Stream Builder’s continuous SQL capabilities for performing analytics on streaming data. This comprehensive learning journey empowers participants with practical insights into both development and operational facets of Cloudera Streaming Analytics, enriching their skillset with the capacity to harness streaming data effectively.

Intended Audience:

  • This course is designed for those who have experience with administration and application development on the Cloudera platform.

Learning Objectives of Using Apache Flink and SQL Stream Builder on CDP:

During this course, you learn how to:

  • Deploy a Flink cluster using Cloudera Manager
  • Develop Flink batch and streaming applications
  • Run and view Flink jobs
  • Transform data streams
  • Use watermarks and windows to analyze streaming data
  • Analyze data with Cloudera SQL Stream Builder
  • Monitor Flink application metrics
  • Introduction to Apache Flink and Stream Processing 
  • Typical Use Cases 
  • Related Products
  • Planning Requirements 
  • Installation 
  • Flink Dashboard 
  • Exercise: Running a Flink Program 
  • Execution Environment 
  • Flink Application Structure 
  • Create a Flink Project 
  • Build a Flink Program 
  • Exercise: Building a Simple Flink Program
  • Logical 
  • Physical 
  • Parallelism 
  • Fault Tolerance 
  • Data Storage
  • DataStream API Overview
  • Data Types and Serialization
  • Sources and Sinks
  • Transformations
  • Exercise: Batch Processing Using Flink
  • Exercise: Creating a Flink Streaming Application
  • Using Kafka as a Source and Sink
  • Exercise: Creating a Streaming Application Using a Kafka Source
  • Streaming Concepts
  • Programming Options
  • Integrations
  • Exercise: Using Flink SQL and Kafka
  • Stateful Streaming Applications
  • Checkpoints
  • Event Time Processing 
  • Watermarks  
  • Windows 
  • Exercise: Tumbling Windows with Event Time
  • Overview
  • Streaming SQL Console
  • Data Providers
  • SQL Stream Jobs
  • Exercise: Using SQL Stream Builder
  • Metrics
  • Logging
  • Backpressure
  • Resource Configuration
  • Exercise: Monitoring

Using Apache Flink and SQL Stream Builder on CDP Course Prerequisites

  • Students must have at least basic familiarity with Java and Linux. Our Cloudera Training for Apache Kafka course, or equivalent experience with Apache Kafka, is a recommend prerequisite.

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