Using Splunk IT Service Intelligence 4.15

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Using Splunk IT Service Intelligence 4.15 Course Overview:

This course is intended for analyst users who want to effectively utilize Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) to manage, analyze, and optimize their IT services. It is also suitable for those responsible for the implementation and administration of Splunk ITSI.

Please note that individuals who will be involved in implementing Splunk ITSI on behalf of analysts or implementing Splunk IT Service Intelligence Cloud should enroll in the “Implementing Splunk IT Service Intelligence” course, which is more focused on the implementation aspects.

Intended Audience:

  • Analyst users who want to use Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) to manage, analyze, and optimize their IT services.
  • Those responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting IT services within their organizations.
  • Individuals who need to understand and utilize ITSI features and functionalities for effective service monitoring and management.

Learning Objectives of Using Splunk IT Service Intelligence 4.15:

  • IT Service Intelligence features and user interface
  • Monitoring Infrastructure Entities
  • Creating Glass Tables
  • Investigating with Deep Dives
  • Managing Episodes of Notable Events

Module 1 – Monitoring Services with Service Analyzer

  • Define key service intelligence concepts.
  • Describe IT Service Intelligence user roles.
  • Examine the IT Service Intelligence user interface.
  • Monitor Services with Service Analyzer.

Module 2 – Monitoring Entities with Infrastructure Overview

  • Describe what entities are.
  • Monitor entity info overviews with Dashboards.
  • Monitor entities metrics with the Analytics pane.
  • Discover what events the entity is generating.

Module 3 – Visualizing Services with Glass Tables

  • Describe glass tables.
  • Use glass tables.
  • Design glass tables.
    • Planning.
    • Views.
    • Edit mode.
  • Explore top bar controls.
  • Configure glass tables.
    • Drilldowns.
    • Services and KPIs.
    • Ad-hoc searches, including predictions.
    • Service swapping.

Module 4 – Investigating Issues with Deep Dives

  • Describe deep dive concepts and their relationships.
    • Default.
    • Custom.
    • Lanes.
  • Use default deep dives.
  • Create and customize new custom deep dives.
  • Add and configure lanes.
    • Metric lane.
    • KPI lane.
    • Event lane.
  • Customize lane views.
    • Bulk actions.
    • State and level thresholds.
    • Graph rendering.
    • Entity and anomaly overlays.
    • Overlays as lanes.
    • View modules.
  • Describe effective workflows for troubleshooting.

Module 5 – Managing Episodes

  • Define key episode terms and their relationships.
    • Multi-KPI alerts.
    • Notable events.
    • Episodes as Notable event groupings.
  • Describe the episodes workflow.
    • Take ownership.
    • Change status as needed.
    • Comment as needed.
  • Work with episodes.
    • Episode review.
    • Update an episode.
    • Investigate details.
      • Impact tab.
      • Timeline tab.
      • Similar Episodes tab.
    • Common fields.
      • Add comments.
      • Search.
      • Take action.
        • Bi-directional ticketing.
  • Reference links.
    • Integrations.
    • Views and Filters.
    • Permissions.

Using Splunk IT Service Intelligence 4.15 Course Prerequisites:

To be successful in this course, students should have a working understanding of the following courses:

  • What is Splunk?
  • Intro to Splunk

Optionally, it’s beneficial to have knowledge of:

  • Using Fields
  • Visualizations

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