Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.X Compliance Accelerator for Users

Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)

Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.X Compliance Accelerator for Users Course Overview:

The Veritas Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator 12.x For Users course is specifically designed for individuals who utilize or oversee Compliance Accelerator for setting up departments and sampling. This course provides guidance on reviewing and marking emails, conducting research through search and copying items to a research folder, and generating reports. It equips users with the necessary skills to effectively navigate and utilize Compliance Accelerator for compliance and e-discovery purposes.

Intended Audience:

This course is individuals who use Compliance Accelerator to perform compliance.

By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the features of Compliance Accelerator and how those features are used to meet a company’s compliance requirements.
  • Use marks to indicate the status of an item.
  • Set up research folders to perform proactive investigation.
  • Search, review and export items that have been sampled or found in a search.
  • Run reports.
  • Add monitored employees to Compliance Accelerator.
  • Set sampling percentages.
  • Create an application search.
  • Create and manage a department.

Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.X Compliance Accelerator for Users

Compliance Accelerator Fundamentals

  • Compliance Accelerator Fundamentals
  • Enterprise Vault Overview
  • Introduction to Compliance Accelerator
  • Starting and navigating Compliance Accelerator


  • Exercise A: Accessing the Compliance Accelerator Client
  • Exercise B: Navigating the Compliance Accelerator Client

Manual Review

  • Manual review overview
  • Using the reviewing screen
  • Bulk marking
  • Understanding similar/deduplication


  • Exercise A: Reviewing items
  • Exercise B: Using the Facet Filtering
  • Exercise C: Performing the Compliance Review
  • Exercise D: Using the Review Print Tab
  • Exercise E: Logging in as the Escalation Reviewer
  • Exercise F: Performing the Escalation Review
  • Exercise G: Examining the Closed Items in the Department Reviewer Client

Research Folders and Searches

  • Creating a research folder
  • Copying items to a research folder
  • Creating and running ad hoc searches
  • Searching with hot words and phrases
  • Search term and syntax
  • Attachment searches


  • Exercise A: Creating a Research Folder in the Tamas Department
  • Exercise B: Copy Items into the Research Folder
  • Exercise C: Using Authors and recipients Searches
  • Exercise D: Using Search Terms
  • Exercise E: Using wildcards in a Search
  • Exercise F: Searching for an Item with an Attachment
  • Exercise G: Perform the main search for the Research Folder
  • Exercise H: Review the items in the research folder

Reports and Exporting Data

  • Compliance Accelerator report types
  • Running a report
  • Exporting reports
  • Exporting data
  • Best practices


  • Exercise A: Exporting the Items to a PST
  • Exercise B: Examining the Items
  • Exercise C: Displaying the Bate Number in the Exported Data
  • Exercise D: Exporting the Items to a HTML
  • Exercise E: Examining the Items
  • Exercise F: Exporting the Items to a Zip File
  • Exercise G: Examining the Items in the Zip Export
  • Exercise H: Running the CA Reports
  • Exercise I: Exporting Report Data

Configuring Application Settings

  • Adding hot words and phrases
  • Creating roles
  • Managing monitored employees


  • Exercise A: Logging in as the Administrator
  • Exercise B: Adding Applications Hot Words and Phrases
  • Exercise C: Adding Application Reviewing Comments
  • Exercise D: Adding Employee Groups
  • Exercise E: Creating Monitored Employees
  • Exercise F: Modifying and Creating Roles
  • Exercise G: Assigning Roles

Creating and Setting Up Departments

  • Overview of Item Sampling
  • Creating an Application Search
  • Creating and Managing a Department
  • Adding Monitored Employees to a Department
  • Setting Sampling Percentages


  • Exercise A: Logging in as the Administrator
  • Exercise B: Examining the Options Available for Sabina Rogers
  • Exercise C: Create an Application Search
  • Exercise D: Creating a New Department
  • Exercise E: Set the Default Department Monitoring Policy
  • Exercise F: Add Monitored Employees to the Sales Department
  • Exercise G: Add a Sub Department to the Sales Department

Students should have a working knowledge of a Windows system such as Windows 7, 8 or 10.

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