VMware NSX: Troubleshooting and Operations (v6.4)

Duration: 5 Days (40 Hours)

VMware NSX: Troubleshooting and Operations (v6.4) Course Overview:

Enroll in the comprehensive five-day training course that offers hands-on experience and focuses on operating and troubleshooting the VMware NSX® 6.4 environment. Throughout the course, you will gain advanced knowledge, skills, and tools required to effectively manage and resolve technical issues in NSX deployments.

The training introduces you to a wide range of operational, management, and troubleshooting tools used in NSX environments. You will have the opportunity to work on various technical problems, employing a systematic process to identify, analyze, and solve them.

This course is aligned with the following products:

  • NSX 6.4: Learn to operate and troubleshoot the NSX 6.4 environment, ensuring you are up to date with the latest features and functionalities.
  • VMware vRealize® Network Insight™ 3.6: Explore the capabilities of this network management and troubleshooting tool, enhancing your ability to monitor and optimize NSX deployments.
  • VMware vRealize® Log Insight™ 4.5: Understand the importance of log analysis and utilize Log Insight to troubleshoot and gain insights into NSX environments.

By participating in this training course, you will gain the expertise to effectively operate and troubleshoot the VMware NSX 6.4 environment. You will develop skills in utilizing operational tools, managing technical problems, and leveraging network management and log analysis tools.

Enroll today to enhance your capabilities in operating and troubleshooting VMware NSX, and gain practical experience with the latest features and tools.

Intended Audience :

Network professionals who work with enterprise networks and VMware Sphere® 6.x

Course Introduction

•  Introduction and course logistics
•  Course objectives
•  Resources and references
•  Learning paths and certifications

•  Develop a structured troubleshooting approach
•  Differentiate between symptoms and root causes
•  Identify and isolate problems residing in various areas
•  Apply an appropriate methodology and procedure to troubleshooting 

•  Discuss NSX operational requirements 
•  Use the native NSX tools (such as the central CLI, the NSX dashboard, and Application Rule Manager) to 
   solve various types of problems
•  Use vRealize Network Insight to identify and analyze problems
•  Use VMware vRealize® Log Insight™ Content Pack for NSX in troubleshooting and operations

•  Explain the NSX infrastructure and component communications
•  Troubleshoot VMware NSX® Manager™ and the management plane
•  Troubleshoot VMware NSX® Controller™ and the control plane
•  Troubleshoot problems in host preparation

•  Explain VXLAN and logical switching components
•  Verify the VXLAN and logical switch configuration and status
•  Identify and troubleshoot common layer 2 configuration errors
•  Use the GUI, the CLI, packet capture, traceflow, and other tools to troubleshoot logical switching problems 

•  Describe the NSX logical routing architecture
•  Explain routing components, functions, and communications
•  Verify logical router configuration settings
•  Use packet capture on routers and perform packet walk
•  Use the GUI, the CLI, traceflow, and other tools to troubleshoot logical routing problems 

•  Verify edge services (such as DHCP and DNS) configuration settings and operational status
•  Troubleshoot various types of VPN services (SSL VPN-Plus, L2 VPN, and IPsec VPN)
•  Verify the configuration and status of logical load balancers
•  Troubleshoot common load-balancing and high availability scenarios

•  Discuss the NSX distributed firewall architecture, components, communication channels, and features
•  Use the CLI and other tools to troubleshoot the configuration and operations of the NSX distributed firewall 
   and the NSX Edge firewall 
•  Explain and troubleshoot the Service Composer components and architecture
•  Troubleshoot common problems related to Identity Firewall 
•  Examine Guest Introspection architecture, components, services, and operations
•  Verify Guest Introspection deployment configuration and functions, and troubleshoot common problems

  • Knowledge and expertise in computer networking, including:
    • Switching and routing technologies (L2-3)
    • Network and application delivery services (L4-7)
  • Knowledge and practical experience of vSphere
  • Knowledge and practical experience of NSX installation, configuration, management, and operationsBefore taking this course, you have to be compelled to take either the VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage course or the VMware NSX for Internetworking Experts Fast Track course.The VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization (VCP6-NV) certification is usually recommended.

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