Web Application Hacking and Security (WAHS)

Duration : 8 Days (64 Hours)

Web Application Hacking and Security (WAHS) Server Course Overview:

The Web Application Hacking and Security (WAHS) certification validates professionals’ capabilities in identifying and addressing web application vulnerabilities. It demonstrates their expertise in securing web applications by using hacking and penetration testing techniques to detect potential risks. Industries in IT, cybersecurity, and web development prioritize this certification to ensure the security of their web applications. It enables professionals to grasp the tactics used by attackers and develop strategies to mitigate them. This certification affirms an individual’s proficiency in implementing protective measures to safeguard web-based applications from various hacking threats, contributing to a strong cybersecurity infrastructure within organizations.

Intended Audience:

  • Cybersecurity professionals seeking advanced skills
  • IT professionals wanting to enhance their security knowledge
  • Web developers interested in website security
  • Companies teaching their IT departments about web application security
  • Ethical hackers improving their hacking techniques
  • Computer Science students specializing in cybersecurity

Learning Objectives of Web Application Hacking and Security (WAHS):

The learning objectives of the Web Application Hacking and Security (WAHS) course are focused on equipping students with a thorough understanding of the vulnerabilities and potential threats that can exist in web applications. They will learn how to identify, exploit, and mitigate these vulnerabilities effectively. Additionally, the course covers various hacking techniques, enabling students to comprehend how attackers operate, and equipping them to apply appropriate security measures to protect web applications.

The course emphasizes practical skills for penetration testing and secure coding practices, enabling students to develop hands-on experience in identifying and resolving security issues. By the end of the course, students will possess the expertise required to implement effective security strategies and protocols for any web-based platform, thus enhancing the overall security and resilience of web applications.

 Module 1: Web Application Enumeration

Web Application Hacking and Security (WAHS) Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of Internet and Web technologies
• Fundamental knowledge of HTTP/HTTPS protocols
• Familiarity with web development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP
• Basic understanding of SQL and database structure
• Familiarity with security concepts and hacking techniques
• Previous cybersecurity experience or certifications can be beneficial.

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